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Dec 6, 2012 11:00pm EST
and the soviet union is gone. today i don't mind giving money to communists and leftists and socialists and hoping none because i'm not worried about the return of the cold war. i'm not worried about leftists coming to power. my god, that should be the biggest challenge we face. we should not be indifferent to the outcome in egypt in countries across the middle east. we can both play a role in ensuring a level playing field in assisting those who we have an outcome in their success. we can do both. they are not antithetical and that should be what our agenda is in this country. >> okay, a few add-on comments. >> i would agree with a lot of what rob said. i basically believe in almost everybody's business and i certainly believe in unleashing the agency, even though it doesn't want to be unleashed to support covertly because i think i don't think anybody will openly take our money, but covertly supporting liberals and the motley crew that rob mentioned. great, i'm all for it. there was much cash as you can find that we can get out of washington, give it to them, hope they organize, hope
Dec 10, 2012 11:00pm EST
of union members who like to be there and on the republican side there's a lot of overzellous supporters on our side. i think that alone brings different dimensions to voting locations. not eave state or every polling location but definitely something we hear voters say i don't feel comfortable walking past or walking in or whatever that is, and that shouldn't be the case for anybody. i don't think it's -- it's not a massive problem. not in the double digit percentages. but nieminen feels -- anytime anyone feels intimidate, that's wrong. >> i know we're going to go back and forth on the -- one step that comes back to me is there's roughly -- closed the books in florida but roughly 300,000 more voters this time than in 2008. 6200 precincts, 5300 polling locations. clearly less early vote day. but even these polling locations -- they're not jam packed 12 hours a day. i do agree that the lines are longer. i just don't necessarily think that it was because of regulations or because of someone trying to nefariously suppress the vote. i think it was literalie just underprepared officials and n
Dec 7, 2012 11:00pm EST
the soviet union than the tone he took in the first three years not to have in mind that politics might have sent in to do with it. but heavens, the media is so skeptical. minute, minute, minute. >> a minute on the meaning of the impact of inf. >> the principal lesson learned in looking at some of the things we talked about here today as you must know the total range of your interest in you must be prepared to serve all of them equally well and not allow yourself to get tangled up in setting conditions that no one can meet unless it is your active to avoid negotiations. if you want negotiations, you must make it possible for your negotiating partner to get to the table. >> thank you rain much. >> the one that i would take away is the importance, number one, of eliminating weapons you want rather than putting a limit on them in verifying that. it's much easier to verify this year than any concrete number. and therefore, i think we really have to get our minds off we putting women on types of arms, they trying to get rid of those we don't want. we are facing now a possible theory of stearate u
Dec 4, 2012 11:00pm EST
parents in utah or any other state in our great union. article for this treaty obligates the united states to recognize economic, social and cultural entitlements is rights under domestic u.s. law. the senate is my opinion has not adequately investigated how the standard will affect domestic u.s. federal and state law. we have had one hearing on this issue that included both opponents and opponents of the treaty but did not substantively address my concerns about the standard, about the significant addition to what would become the law of the land of the united states of america. for these and other reasons, mr. president, he must oppose the u.n. convention on the rights of disabilities and encourage my colleagues to do the same. thank you mr. president. >> senator from massachusetts. >> i listen carefully to the senator and i understand colleagues on the other side of the aisle have concerns about the united nations and i respect that. we've had the space before, but i'm having difficulty finding where the threat gains any reality the senator has described specifically with respect to chi
Dec 11, 2012 11:00pm EST
with the european union, african union could facilitate investment on piece nine rather than minerals that exist today. in order to expand the pie in the region for conflict resolution and development in which all people of the subregion can benefit, particularly at the center. the summit could focus on market-based opportunities for investment in congo in the region again. turns incentives away from illegal, extractive, violent binding to peaceful development that goes into the tax treasury incensed development in eastern congo. bob hormats undersecretary of state in the administration could be a kind of person who could help. not that estimate to build the alliances and both companies in the united states government and civil society trying to help promote responsible investment spurred on by 1502 from the dog frink law. conclusion, my bottom line is a credible internationally driven the root causes and includes eastern congolese civil society won't guarantee peace, but its absence, however, absolutely guarantees. thank you very much. >> mr. dizolele. >> chairman smith, ranking member bass, th
Dec 5, 2012 11:00pm EST
party. as labor unions i'm in favor of a guestworker program. they will have an internal party debates. there's no magic solution. it's important to do and i believe we can. >> last question on this for years from now we're sitting here. what is the likelihood that congress has passed and the president has signed? >> i think it's more than 50/50. i'm really optimistic about it, but i certainly believe portions of immigration reform can be done with quicker than others. my hope is for the good of this country. >> about a lot of old friend. this is from 2006 when you were florida official 100 innovative ideas for florida's teacher. a lot of these are still talking about, but one of the promises he said we should make to the people is life without -- you said you favorite life without exception or predators. you want the issues talked about his human trafficking, exploitation of children. why has the united states been so slow at the? >> is hard to believe we have a domestic problem. for us, human slavery is going somewhere else. it's hard to accept its right here. sex trafficking isn't h
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6